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Air Conditioning Servicing + Regas

Your vehicle`s air conditioning systems can lose up to 15% of refrigerant annually through natural leakage via hoses and seals which will result in poor system performance.

Contact our service department if you are experiencing poor cooling or you feel there may be a problem with the system .We recommend that you have your air conditioning serviced at least once every two years to ensure peak performance and trouble free operation.

System recharges, servicing and leak testing start from 27.50

Remember preventative maintenance is the key with air conditioning. Our advice is if your air conditioning is not working do not leave it in-operative as more damage may occur as a result from seals drying up, causing leaks and moisture entering the system.

We are an Eberspacher Main Dealer. Please see website for further information www.eberspacher.com

Leak Testing

The most common cause of vehicle air conditioning to be in-operative is down to a loss of refrigerant.This will be either down to lack of servicing or a leak within the system.

With the F Gas regulations in place for Vehicle Air conditioning it is illegal for us to recharge the system knowing it has a potential leak.It is also a waste of money for you to pay for a recharge just to find the gas has leaked out in a few days time.

This is why we offer a leak testing service using the latest Loktrace system which using Nitrogen pressure testing and a unique gas mix both totally harmless to the Ozone .Then using a special detector we can pinpoint even the smallest of leaks enabling us to efficiently repair your Air Conditioning.

Pipe Repairs

Depending on size of pipe and location on the vehicle it is mostly cheaper for us to replace a leaking pipe but some pipes can be very expensive from the vehicle manufacturer so repairing a split or corroded section can be very cost effective .We can weld aluminium alloy pipe or cut out and replace bad sections. If the fault is with a rubber hose there is no way to repair so we just make up a new hose.

We can also supply pipework for any other air con application. For example trucks,tractors,boats.